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Evaluation: Noah's U21 excellent school learning machine experience

Noah's U21 excellent school learning machine primary school middle school synchronous student tablet 10 inch quad core tutor machine

textbook synchronous 10.1 inch famous teacher guidance distance eye care quad core

use for a month experience: I think it's OK, it looks good, but I don't know how it will work after use. Thank the seller for their gifts. There are many. The customer service attitude was very good. The first time I feel downwind is actually very slow. It takes four days to arrive..... on the whole, Give five-star bar

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Noah boat U21 excellent school learning machine configuration parameters

please carefully understand the following standards. First grade parameters:

brand: excellent school

model: u21

core number: four cores

Color Classification: tuhao gold elegant silver

after sales service: national joint insurance

additional functions: parental monitoring support screen handwriting branch Real person pronunciation with extended memory card supports playing MP3 audio, supports playing MP4 video camera function, supports e-book reading

language type: Chinese

distinction of accuracy of hydraulic universal testing machine

memory capacity: 16GB

battery type: rechargeable lithium battery

color screen: color screen

package: [today's purchase and gift, including official standard configuration] Official standard configuration

touch screen: touch screen

screen size: 10.1 inches take plastic as an example

suitable for querying tmall enterprise purchase discovery object: preschool children, primary school students, junior high school students, senior high school students

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