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Start to evaluate the function of the Little Swan Beverly b1fdc150tg6 15kg washing and drying integrated washing machine

the large-scale washing and drying are synchronized in different areas. The following is a collection of first-hand friends' feelings, functional features and friends' use of word-of-mouth evaluation, hoping to help friends in need for reference

first, hands-on experience:

recently bought this little swan Beverly b1fdc150tg6 washing machine. When you get the goods, your first feeling is bright. This kind of gold is not quite the same as you imagined, it is more atmospheric than you imagined, but it is very versatile!!! The key point is that the service and after-sales are very good, the customer service is very friendly, and the service is also very considerate! I tried the product once and washed it very clean. The wave wheel on it is all stainless steel, which looks much better than the materials on the market

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we can also choose the most suitable change experimental machine according to the following points: 1 Maximum torque: the maximum torque of the tested parts

II. Functional features and detailed configuration parameters:

cygnet Beverly b1fdc150tg6 15 kg large capacity washing and drying integrated functional features are shown in the figure below:

detailed configuration parameters:

(1) the appearance is very beautiful, and it has not been used yet. After using it, we will evaluate the overall strength and ductility price

(2) after comparing several brands, we finally chose cygnet, which is super beautiful and well configured. The next day after placing the order, it arrived and was installed directly in place. The master was very professional and had a good service attitude. Due to the floor drain problem, the drainage was a little blocked, and the master patiently helped solve it. After use, the clothes are washed very clean, the sound is low, and there is no shaking due to dehydration

(3)。 After installation, I washed the clothes twice. The sound of the washing machine was not very loud, and the clothes were clean. The appearance was also popular with my family. Generally speaking, I was quite satisfied

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