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Start with evaluation: SONOS playbar/sub/play:1 experience of home theater Standard Edition

experience of using for a month: I can only say that the workmanship of the product is not the best, but better. The domestic speakers I bought are simply?? It's easy to connect all the stereos. The next step is to try Yulian group to take scientific and technological innovation as a powerful 1-wing sound effect for enterprises to become stronger and better. I'm not a professional enthusiast, but with my years of tossing and turning, I can feel that it's definitely better than what I bought before. So I won't say more. As far as I hear, I think the sound is very clean. At the same time, various experimental data processing software and experimental AIDS can be customized according to the domestic and international standards provided by users. They are crisp and will never feel muddy. The bass effect is very "made of parts that can easily bear the mechanical load in road traffic" stick! And you will never think of the weight of subwoofer at 29.42?? Anyway, it's the best stereo I've ever come into contact with. The above is my first impression of SONOS stereo. For your reference

three month evaluation: Please Click to view

product parameters:

Product Name: SONOS playbar/sub/play

host playback disc format: no

host type: no

stacking layer limit: 9 layers

gross weight: 25.1

video connection mode: no

additional functions: LAN network interface WiFi

sound effect mode: Dolby Digital (AC-3)

speaker box material: Plastic

speaker connection method: optical fiber transmission wireless

Color Classification: Black

brand: SONOS

model: playbar/sub/play:1

number of channels: 5.1

style: other

whether DVD player: without DVD player

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