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The brand-new 1500 square meter product exhibition hall and new office building have been put into use, the transformation of inflatable ring cabinet workshop, electricity meter workshop, staff dormitory and canteen have been completed, and the 4400 square meter No. 2 Electrical workshop under construction will soon be put into use. Yesterday, we saw a thriving development in Hunan Delixi company

according to the person in charge of the company, at the first three meetings of shareholders, directors and supervisors held by Shanghai Delixi Group in January this year, the group fully affirmed the very stable performance of the entrepreneurial Delixi. The board of directors successfully approved the company's capital and share increase plan, and the company's registered capital was increased from 16million yuan to 30million yuan. The goal of the company this year is to achieve an output value of 100million yuan, maintain a growth rate of more than 80% of sales revenue and taxes, develop the company into a leading enterprise in the electrical manufacturing industry of Hunan electric power system, and strive to become the best "spring testing machine on the market within three years. It is the way for Japan's imported start-up sector to go public, and become a bigger and stronger enterprise

venture Delixi was introduced into Delixi Group through investment attraction in 2005. It was officially signed in March 2006 to implement value-added share expansion for the then venture Oriental company. Last year, the company invested nearly 20million yuan to successfully develop the "10kV inflatable ring cabinet" series products, becoming the first manufacturer with the production qualification of this product in Hunan Province. In that year, the company achieved a sales revenue of more than 8 million yuan, developed the "status indicator" series products, and achieved a sales revenue of more than 2 million yuan. At present, the sample table of the "watt hour meter" production project developed has passed the inspection of the provincial measurement department, and the preliminary work has been prepared and officially put into use this month. The company paid close attention to quality and achieved remarkable results. In the activity of "quality inspection of national low-voltage electrical product manufacturers" carried out by the State Administration of quality supervision last year, with strong technical force and standardized management, the company successfully passed the strict inspection of the State Administration of quality supervision and the Bureau of quality supervision of Hunan Province. For several consecutive years, the company has been in a leading position in the same industry in the province in terms of sales, output value, tax revenue and profit growth. Last year, the company achieved sales revenue of 57 million yuan and tax revenue of 4.38 million yuan. Since this year, the company has signed a product sales contract of more than 40 million yuan, and the production and sales situation of the company is booming

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