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Saint Gobain's "green energy glass" put into production in Nanjing will export a large number of

embossed photovoltaic glass, which is mainly used for photovoltaic cells, namely solar cells, also known as green energy glass. Today, when energy conservation and environmental protection are advocated, its demand surges with the increase of solar cell production. At the end of August, Saint Gobain group of France officially put into operation an embossed photovoltaic glass production line in Nanjing, which will produce the world's leading "green energy glass", with an annual output of 30000 tons

as one of the clean, efficient and inexhaustible green energy technologies in the future, solar energy technology has been more and more widely used in recent years. It is predicted that the demand for solar cells will grow at a rate of 30%, and the growth rate will remain at least until 2010, while the demand for embossed glass as the supporting glass of solar cells will soar. In addition, the photoelectric building integrated glass curtain wall must amplify this weak signal through an amplifier. The revision of the national intelligent manufacturing standard system construction guide (2018 Edition) has been organized, which not only brings new business opportunities to the development, application and market of solar glass, but also brings the development trend of the combination of the world's construction industry and solar energy utilization

investment in the production line of embossed photovoltaic glass put into production 1. 800 million yuan, with an annual output of 30000 tons of embossed photovoltaic glass. Dai Liban, President of the glass Department of Saint Gobain group, said yesterday that this production line adopts the world's most advanced corner cutting technology, which can achieve the maximum possible light energy transmission, the highest quality and the most efficient production capacity

according to the introduction of impact resistance, the current mainstream product of the packaging glass used for solar photovoltaic cells is ultra white toughened embossed glass, with a thickness of 3. 2mm, within the wavelength range of the spectral response of the solar cell, the transmittance can reach more than 91%, and has a high reflectivity for infrared light greater than 1200nm. The embossed photovoltaic glass produced by Nanjing Shenghan Glass Co., Ltd. will be exported in large quantities. 1. It is used for photovoltaic curtain walls in the international construction industry to reduce the damage of space environment to human body. This kind of curtain wall can not only achieve the same aesthetic effect as glass curtain walls, but also use solar photovoltaic power generation technology to generate new energy

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