The hottest Sakura sakura13 liter gas water heater

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Sakura sakura13 liter gas water heater jsq25

2. Noise level: the sound is very small, much better than the previous old water heater

the reason for this phenomenon is F. display mode: utm107+win-xp test software computer screen displays many aspects 3. Reasons for this kind of phenomenon caused by installation service: the installers are very professional and have installed the pipes together

4. Constant temperature effect: the temperature is very stable, and the temperature can be adjusted, It is very convenient, and the temperature can be adjusted according to different temperature requirements

5. Water outflow speed: the water outflow is super fast, and there is no need to worry about the instability of the bath water

copyright protection: it has tested the apparent density, tightening strength, thermal insulation performance, zigzag fracture force, combustion performance and other items of the product

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