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The current situation and Prospect of corrugated paperboard extension products (II)

normal> III. The use and market forecast of corrugated and composite paperboard:

normal>1. Corrugated and composite paperboard can be used in many different industries except for manufacturing corrugated paper by the end of 2015 due to the above performance

normal> (1) the application of corrugated and composite paperboard and its products in China's packaging industry is mainly in the following aspects:

normal> ① buffer liner; ② Paper tray and composite tray; ③ Angle brace and rib; ④ Other buffer structural parts, such as cushion, interlayer, baffle of transportation package or pallet packaging unit, and directly formed buffer structural parts. ⑤ Transportation and packaging of large household appliances, heavy communication products and non heavy mechanical and electrical products

normal> (2) building decoration materials: non bearing walls, partition walls, protective walls, curtain walls, wallboards, indoor partitions, decorative boards, folding screens, portable board rooms, ceilings, floors, indoor doors, ceilings, tourist rooms, all kinds of sheds, kiosks, book and newspaper kiosks, anti-theft door filling materials, etc

normal> (3) vehicle and vessel materials: vehicle and vessel outer body, wall plate, partition, bin plate, a and corresponding valve inner design plate, seat, table, etc

normal> (4) furniture materials: all kinds of lightweight computer tables, chairs, containers, shelves, bookshelves, cabinets, ball tables and other lightweight materials

normal> (5) warehouse transportation materials: all kinds of disposable pallets, turnover pallets, turnover boxes, etc

normal> (6) agricultural materials: all kinds of livestock sheds, seedling beds, flower pots, storage materials, etc

normal> (7) film and television industry materials: stage sets, film, TV props, sets, etc

normal> (8) exhibition materials: various exhibition partitions, display stands, advertising boards, teaching appliances, children's toys, etc

normal> (9) burial materials: sanitary coffins for cremation, etc

normal>2. At present, the main applications of corrugated composite paperboard except for packaging box:

normal> (1) buffer pad, corner brace, etc.

normal> since corrugated paperboard has good buffer performance, it is used as the buffer pad and isolation board of packaging, and its composite sandwich core, such as large and medium discs, is still out of tolerance structure, which makes its buffer performance better than corrugated paperboard. When using it as a corner pad, it is generally necessary to cut a layer of face paper and core paper of the cardboard according to the size. Only keep another layer of tissue paper from being scratched. Connect several cushion blocks on different sides with this layer of tissue paper, and then cover the corresponding parts of the inner contents to be protected. Similar to the cushioning pad, corrugated composite paperboard can also be used as transportation packaging

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