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The current situation and Prospect of corrugated cardboard extension products (III)

normal> a new pallet made of corrugated cardboard with standard structure, like clothing design, can meet the special requirements of users for size, weight and transportation conditions. It includes rung spacing, top and bottom thickness changes and coating application. At present, due to environmental reasons, international transportation requires not to use wooden pallets as much as possible, so the demand for corrugated cardboard pallets is growing rapidly and favored

normal> using corrugated cardboard pallets can reduce transportation costs. A standard wooden tray weighs about 27 kg, while a paper tray weighs only about 4.7 kg. This means that each truck of the manufacturer can load an additional 850 kg of goods, which is easy to handle. In addition, the paper tray has no splinters of trees, nails to fix it, rough edges and corners, and no toxic chemicals left by the fumigation of the oak tray, so it will not pollute the environment and harm human body. And it can be recycled and processed conveniently

normal> like all three-layer corrugated boards, trays are made of type a corrugated, with appropriate strength and weight ratio. The three-layer corrugated board tray is generally the same strength as the wooden tray, and the weight is only 20% of the wooden tray

normal>2. Household appliances replace the green packaging of EPS foaming plastic

normal> (1) according to relevant data, since the second half of the previous year, Kelon, Changhong, Haier, Hisense, Aucma, Gree In order to find a solution to this problem, brands of Midea and other well-known enterprises at home and abroad have also successively adopted corrugated composite honeycomb paperboard materials to replace EPS foam plastic liners and wooden pallets, in line with the international market. The use of corrugated composite honeycomb paperboard material not only reduces the packaging cost (the packaging cost of each cabinet air conditioner is reduced by about RMB), but also eliminates "white pollution", and opens up a smooth "green channel for the export of foreign trade enterprises" to measure the size of torsion tester samples "

normal> (2) the reuse of packaging waste is also significant. The waste corrugated board and corner board are processed into packaging seats, liners, jackets, etc. through the subsequent processing procedures (mainly pasting, cutting and molding), which replace EPS foam. With its low cost and excellent effect, it has become a new highlight to reduce the packaging cost, realize the further reduction of packaging cost and data processing, and improve the packaging quality at the same time

normal> Skyworth Group has reduced its packaging cost by 20% through the redesign of packaging and the research and development of new materials, and the combination of self-developed corrugated cardboard and honeycomb cardboard. TCL has begun to improve the design of cartons, and the cost has been reduced by about 10% after improving the corrugated shape, gram weight, box shape and backing materials of paper

normal> take the improvement of the design scheme of the corrugated cardboard packaging box of the outdoor unit of Hisense household air conditioning products as an example: optimize the design of the corrugated packaging box of the outdoor unit of the air conditioner (Figure 1), retain its function of fixing and protecting the buffer, and simplify the part of protecting the side impact of the product. As shown in Figure 2, the new corrugated board packaging design scheme can reduce the consumption of corrugated board by nearly 60% - 70%. The actual overall packaging scheme is shown in the figure:

normal> the paper profile buffer liner structure of the outdoor unit is mainly divided into upper, lower, left and right parts, and the three parts have their own emphasis. Because the lower liner bears the impact of the bottom surface of the air conditioner and the positioning function of the lower part, it requires higher strength. Generally, the corrugated composite paper honeycomb liner and paper steel are combined to form a tray like disc body, which cooperates with the bottom structure of the whole machine to realize the cushioning and support function

normal> for outdoor units with light weight, the left and right pads can not be used. Through the coordination of the structure of the lower pad and the upper pad, the positioning and buffer protection in several directions can be realized


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