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Set sail: "XCMG Liaoning" 10 billion layout "13th five year plan"

set sail: "XCMG Liaoning" 10 billion layout "13th five year plan"

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located in Fuxin high tech Industrial Development Zone, XCMG (Liaoning) machinery manufacturing company is a collection of snow removal and sanitation machinery and equipment R & D, production A large machinery manufacturing enterprise integrating sales. Since it was put into operation in September 2015, it has successfully explored the markets in Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Xinjiang and other places, and has signed orders for snow removal machinery alone, which has exceeded 100 million yuan

it is understood that "XCMG Liaoning" plans to invest 3billion yuan in Fuxin within five years. The enterprise mainly researches and develops, manufactures and sells environmental sanitation series equipment, snow removal series complete sets of equipment, waste treatment and water treatment equipment, focuses on developing the northeast and Inner Mongolia markets, and with the help of the national "the Belt and Road" strategy, expands the markets of surrounding countries and regions, and builds the second largest domestic production base of XCMG in Fuxin, Strive to make the annual sales revenue of XCMG (Liaoning) machinery manufacturing company exceed 10billion yuan

a few days ago, the author walked into the production workshop of "Liaoning XCMG" and saw that the welding was splashing and the production was busy. On the assembly line, snow removal vehicles and sanitation vehicles are waiting to be tested. In the assembly workshop, General manager wangwenyi said to: "at present, XCMG group has decided to and it is easy to produce XCMG (Liaoning)" As the only R & D and production base of the group's snow removal machinery, the machinery manufacturing company will further increase its investment, and plans to invest 500million yuan in the existing production line. The standard specifies in detail that the thermal cover of thermoplastic materials and their composites will undergo technical transformation just after the thermal sealing. At the same time, it will purchase the most advanced large-scale intelligent production equipment, comprehensively improve production efficiency and product quality, and establish a R & D center and sales center. Now, the foundation of the first 3000 Watt intelligent cutting machine has been completed, and the equipment will be transported to the enterprise and installed and debugged in the near future; The enterprise has recruited 9 high-end R & D talents, set up a R & D center in Shenyang, and relying on the sales team of XCMG group, set up a special marketing center in Shenyang to sell and publicize the enterprise's products through multiple channels. According to the production plan issued by XCMG group, the main benefit indicators of the company will increase by 150% in 2016. "

XCMG's reorganization of Fuxin Yongsheng company is a model for Fuxin equipment manufacturing enterprises to successfully borrow ships to go to sea, and it is also an important symbol of the development of Fuxin equipment manufacturing industry towards complete machine and high-end. After the reorganization, it is conducive to optimizing the internal pattern of the equipment manufacturing industry, further improving the relative size of the industrial chain between grades, improving the overall level of the equipment manufacturing industry, injecting new vitality into independent innovation, and driving the demand for related products, which plays a great role in expanding the industrial scale and improving the industrial level. At the same time, after the reorganization, it provides a rare opportunity and platform for the scientific management of enterprises to increase by different degrees, transformation and upgrading, and expansion and strengthening, making the enterprise the first enterprise with an annual income of more than 10 billion yuan in Fuxin equipment manufacturing industry

from the production situation after production, the joint venture has achieved remarkable results. It can be said that the ship has gone to sea and is sailing forward

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