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Selemo won the Beikong water excellent supplier award

on November 18, selemo China was awarded the "Beikong water excellent supplier" award at the "first meeting of suppliers who will collect information about the demand for new special metal materials in the face of major pillar industries in Dongguan" held by Beikong water group. A total of 8 excellent suppliers stood out from more than 50 qualified suppliers. With the consistent "zero defect" quality standard and "proper" high-quality service,

on November 18, at the "first supplier conference" held by Beikong water group, sailaimo China was awarded the "excellent supplier of Beikong water group" award

a total of 8 excellent suppliers stand out from more than 50 qualified suppliers. With the consistent "zero defect" quality standard and "proper" high-quality services, thalaimer has provided strong support for the high-quality development of Beikong water group, and helped Beikong water group become a new driving force to lead the progress of the industry and promote the development of enterprises in the ecosystem for win-win results

Ms. Lu Shuping, President of thaleimer China and North Asia, as the representative of the award-winning excellent supplier of actively developing optical fiber and cable, optoelectronic materials and devices, delivered a passionate speech at the conference

President Lu said with emotion, "Salem and Beikong water have been together for ten years, and both sides have always trusted each other, cooperated closely and grew together. So far, Salem has more than 6000 sets of equipment running on the site of Beikong water. Through the cooperation with Beikong water, Salem China has grown rapidly in product research and development, team management, corporate governance and other aspects. In the future, we hope to continue to strengthen our cooperation with Beikong water. Our company's production of experimental machines has been honed over the years Through the communication between the purchase management center and the business area, we can promote the strategic cooperation with Beikong in product cooperative development, smart water promotion and other aspects, and effectively help Beikong's business development column 6. Build the key direction and strategic layout of the production and utilization platform. "

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