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Easy to sell attracts high-end talents from Silicon Valley to join in order to better meet customer needs

on September 21, the easy to sell user conference engage 2017 was successfully held. In addition to showing its strength in products and technology, as well as its best practices in the enterprise, salese also introduced experts in the field of cloud computing from Silicon Valley, causing a high degree of attention inside and outside the industry

Shi Yanze, CEO of the founder of sales e-commerce, said frankly that the starting point and foothold of adding a team in Silicon Valley are to better meet customer needs. He said that sales Yi has been listening to customer feedback and hopes to continuously improve the function and use experience of the product. However, CRM is not as simple as it seems to the outside world. Any step forward has special requirements for the underlying architecture, platform, performance, versatility, ease of use and so on. What's more, to build a world-class SaaS company, any quality, innovation and performance challenges must be solved with twelve points of determination. Therefore, we hope that more world-class talents can be introduced to provide customers with better products and services

for this reason, Shi Yanze spent a lot of time seeking experts in the field of cloud computing to join sales e-commerce and quickly respond to customer feedback from the product and R & D levels. However, the development time of China's enterprise level service market is still short, and it is difficult for talents. As an important part of the instrument, electronic tensile testing machine fixture can meet the market demand. Therefore, Shi Yanze went to the United States and recruited a group of senior people from sap, salesforce, Oracle, marketo and netsuite in Silicon Valley. In order to enable them to better carry out their work, sales Yi has set up a research and development center in Silicon Valley

at engage2017, Shi Yanze solemnly introduced three executive representatives working in the Silicon Valley R & D center: Zhang Zhong (CTO), Wang shuanhu (chief architect, vice president of R & D), and ye Xiaozheng (vice president of product)

the following is a brief introduction of the three executives of the sales e-silicon Valley R & D center:

John Zhang Zhong, chief technology officer (CTO) of sales e-silicon Valley,

more than 20 years of working experience in the enterprise software industry, rich experience in the transformation and differentiated competitiveness construction of large cloud enterprises

once served as the vice president of research and development of SAP cloud for customer, responsible for the comprehensive technical system of SAP cloud solutions

worked in CRM related work in SAP for 18 years, Participated in and led the research and development of SAP's three generations of CRM products

graduated from the University of science and technology of China and the University of California, Berkeley, IEOR master

Zhang Zhong said: after joining the sales exchange, I will work around the following three things: first, improve the research and development efficiency to more quickly meet the growing business demands of customers and realize customer-centered and efficient operation; Second, continuously improve the reliability, quality and use effect of products, so that customers have a very good use experience, carefree use and easy sales; Third, we should use our own experience to help our sales team innovate continuously, so that our customers can better serve their customers

Stanley Wang, chief architect and vice president of research and development of sales easy

nearly 20 years of enterprise level software development, design and management experience; More than 8 years of experience in nosql/big data/data science development and management, early involved in the field of artificial intelligence applications

in the field of enterprise SaaS, he has business experience in marketing cloud, user cloud, Bi cloud, IOT cloud and other fields

successively worked in Samsung, AXA, marketo and other listed and start-ups

graduated from the University of science and technology of China (junior class), Later, he received his doctorate from the University of California, Berkeley

Wang shuanhu said: my next work goal is to continuously optimize the platform architecture of salesease through joint efforts with the team, continue to improve the performance, stability and scalability of products, and provide customers with better quality and more assured products

Ye Xiaozheng (Michael), vice president of selling easy products

has 16 years of experience in software engineering and product management, and has rich experience in enterprise software, SaaS, mobile and page applications. 1 has never been well solved.

once served as the general supervisor of netsuite products, fully responsible for the netsuite financial product line

once built the Siebel CRM application engine in Siebel as the project leader, Successfully delivered six major versions of Siebel CRM software

graduated from Peking University, and then received a master's degree in computer science from Stanford University and an MBA from UCLA Anderson School of business

Ye Xiaozheng said: in the future, I will be responsible for the product design, planning and management of salesease. I hope that through my experience and knowledge, I can further improve the tensile test, stress test Bending test is good at the process and design of products, so as to meet the urgent needs of customers as soon as possible and help customers succeed in the new round of innovation. The ultimate goal of our product team is to provide you with a product with complete functions, superior performance, strong reliability and easy to use, so that every user who uses and sells easy can work more simply and efficiently

in addition to the above-mentioned R & D and product experts, more high-end talents from the United States are joining the sales e-commerce group. They will work in their offices in Silicon Valley and work together with the sales teams in Beijing and Xi'an to provide customers with better products and solutions. Shi Yanze said: the joining of more world-class high-end talents will continuously improve the sales of easy products and technologies, bring the company's products and services to a new level, and maintain our leading position in China's CRM field through continuous innovation. This is also our expectation for the whole R & D and product team. We hope that in the next stage, by greatly improving our own products and R & D strength, the company plans to introduce this project to make better products to give back to all customers

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