The hottest Saint Gobain company launches new fire

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Saint Gobain company launched a new fire safety glass

the world famous float glass manufacturer - Saint Gobain Company India branch launched a new fire safety glass series, with a heat-resistant time of up to 120 minutes

the company said that this new type of glass adopts special strengthening and layering technology, and has an extremely wide range of applications, such as doors and windows, partitions, building facades, fire passages, machine rooms and corridors

according to research, casualty accidents mostly occur in the first hour after the fire, and are mostly caused by the heat generated by the fire

this kind of fireproof glass can provide the trapped with the escape time of at least two small ball screws, and block the diffusion of heat energy generated by the fire, so as to avoid casualties caused thereby. In addition, its high light transmittance can also provide a clear vision for the trapped, and it can timely understand the fire situation even in the far away rooms. It is an ideal choice for hotel lobby covering Shandong Province, staircases, theatres, airports, hospitals, stadiums and commercial buildings to expand the market utilization of aluminum profiles

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