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Saiyuan joined hands with easy to control configuration software, and the development version is being applied for free

Shenzhen Saiyuan Automation System Co., Ltd. is a professional company providing industrial automation products and systems in the field of industrial automation 1, which is to strengthen the transportation of solid materials. Especially in the wired, wireless, remote, short-range, broadband, narrowband transmission of industrial network communication and the interconnection of various automation equipment systems, it provides from host computer software, host computer to switch, PLC, HMI One stop service for instruments and other systems

Saiyuan sincerely recommends the famous easy to control industrial automation configuration software products, which are powerful, easy to learn and use, stable performance, exquisite graphics, and efficient development. I believe that excellent software, together with our professional services, will certainly improve your efficiency and save development and maintenance costs

easy to control software, just like the programming method of touch screen, is simple and easy to use. The way of calculating variables is only external variables. It is a software product with high cost performance

now Saiyuan automation works hand in hand with easy control to provide free development software to system integrator Si and equipment manufacturer OEM. You can get it by applying

easy control configuration software application:, email: sales@, or feedback to us through the station message:

about the characteristics of easy control software:

easy control (inspec) general configuration monitoring system

easy control (inspec) is a set of general monitoring and data acquisition (SCADA) software, also known as human machine interface (hmi/mmi) software, commonly known as configuration software. Easy control provides an ideal monitoring solution for the automation system with the advantages of powerful function, stable performance, exquisite graphics, easy to learn and use, efficient development and easy expansion

◆ easy to control, easy to learn, easy to use, easy to work

all user-centered, friendly, simple, easy and efficient design principles (cofsee design) make it easy to control, easy to use, and the secondary development process easy, pleasant and efficient

* simple and unified interface: simple style, what you see is what you get, unified configuration, learning one and knowing two

* the concept and rules are simple: easy to master without memory

* logical organization: quickly locate the work point

* information grouping and classification: images, databases, animations and events are grouped or classified for management, which is convenient and efficient

* whole process operation tips: guide users to use quickly and avoid misoperation

* tabular data input: simple tabular data input, easy to use

* rich graphics: fast picture making

* locking function: lock the position, orthogonality, rotation and tilt to avoid misoperation

* batch operation: a large amount of repetitive work is completed at one time

* import and export: simplify repeated configuration

* error check: check in advance if there is a problem with the configuration

* wizard instructions: follow the wizard instructions for complex operations

* graphical programming: complex functions can be achieved without memorizing a large number of instructions and programming skills

* diversified operation: the same function is realized in different ways

* humanized design: a large number of humanized detail designs are easy to learn and use, and get twice the result with half the effort

is verified by special tools and standard Newton weights to ensure that the transmission accuracy of this experimental machine and friction torque is accurate and reliable according to the provisions of the measurement method ◆ easy to control monitoring needs, all in the bag

easy control is designed for general industrial automation monitoring. The built-in powerful secondary development tool enables the developed application project to run completely in accordance with user requirements. Support common PLC, DCS, board card, intelligent instrument, OPC server and other equipment; The exquisite picture realistically simulates the industrial scene, and the dynamic data display, curves, charts, animations, etc. make the dynamic process clear at a glance; Operation intervention and control are completed between mouse clicks, and complex monitoring can be realized by compiling their own user programs; The alarm information can be fed back and recorded in time; Important information and events can be recorded; Equipment simulation, real-time

historical trends, statistical analysis, logic processing, reports, formula management, accident recall are also included; User and authority management ensure the reliability and safety of operation

◆ easy to control innovative functions outstanding but not group

easy to control groundbreaking function design to meet more and higher needs

* unique composite animation functions and up to a dozen unique animation effects (tilt, texture, gradient flow, etc.) to more realistically present the industrial scene

* it can be restored automatically after the communication with the equipment is disconnected; It can dynamically start or stop the communication with a device; Special communication instructions supporting equipment; Support the data block and historical data of the equipment; Support equipment data acquisition and communication testing during engineering development

* built in close function, which can forward and exchange data between devices with different communication protocols, replacing expensive communication modules, without wiring, and saving hardware and development investment; The communication with the equipment can be restored automatically after being disconnected

* alarm information can be directly sent to chat programs such as MSN (instant messaging software), and it can also be directly sent to and e-mail, so that the operation situation can be easily mastered

◆ easy to control, stable performance and reliable use

easy to control is the world's first set of operating platform based on the latest Microsoft Net, with Net, a revolutionary platform, has led to a series of technological innovations. Combined with the latest needs of industrial control, easy control has been built into a safe, stable and reliable new generation of monitoring system

* easy control can effectively avoid the system deadlock phenomena such as memory leakage, memory crash and blue screen that often occur in Windows system

* easy control can effectively prevent and suppress DLL nightmare caused by different versions of DLL

* easy control has been used in some factories and large projects, and its excellent performance has been fully verified

◆ easy to control, rich graphics, exquisite pictures

easy to control, unparalleled graphics processing ability, comparable to professional graphics processing software, the produced picture quality is high, the graphics are exquisite, and the control object and process can be perfectly presented

* there are abundant graphic tools to form pictures, which can easily form pictures. Graphic tools are still being added, and can even be expanded by users themselves

* the graphic library provides richer graphic elements for use, and users can build their own graphic library for reuse

* rich lines, fill patterns, and good support for textures, patterns, gradients, font effects, and various image formats

* the operation of graphics during development is convenient, flexible and powerful. Support customized object center point, tilt, rotation, alignment, flip, mirror, combination and decomposition, hierarchical processing, orthogonal options, attribute extraction and other functions

◆ easy to control technology is leading and facing the future

easy to control architecture in Net, an epoch-making new technology, has put forward new monitoring concepts on the technology platform since July 2016. It adopts a series of the latest software technologies such as XML, remoting, design time support architecture, component-based, timely messaging, etc. combined with the latest communication and control technology, it has more

technical advantages and future oriented development potential

* the first set is completely based on the latest Microsoft operating platform Net monitoring software

* support Windows XP, 2003, and the latest Windows Vista operating system, which can run across platforms in the future to protect users' investment in the future

* it is the first monitoring software in China to use Microsoft's latest object-oriented high-level language c# as the user program (script) language

* the design system has the latest interface style of Visual Studio 2005 and office 2003

* adopt the latest design-time architecture of Microsoft to support the design

* code based security mechanism has higher security than traditional user based system

* integrate instant messaging software (chat program), SMS and email

* green, copy and use, and will not pollute the system directory and registry of the user's computer

◆ ten reasons for choosing easy to control (inspec)

1. Easy to learn and use: you only need to know the work that needs to be monitored, without having to know too much software and communication background knowledge; There is no need to rely too much on the operating instructions; Just understand simple concepts and rules, leaving complexity and difficulties to be easy to control

2. Save time: efficient development means, easily complete a lot of repetitive work, achieve twice the result with half the effort, and save 30% of your development time

3. Feel fresh: the simple interface style and your centered design feel fresh and natural

4. Easy communication: communication with equipment becomes easier and more original

5. Fine sample of image: width 50mm, length 350mm 5 beauties: more beautiful and realistic image, more expressive, and improve the image of the user system

6. Functional innovation: innovative functions such as composite animation and data forwarding achieve unique monitoring effects and improve the level of user systems

7. Stable and reliable: reliable technology ensures the safe and reliable operation of the system

8. Leading technology: Net is a great revolution in the history of computer development in the past 10 years. Easy control conforms to this historical trend, represents the direction of future development, and protects your investment for the future

9. Convenient expansion: the component-based system and the fully open architecture have laid the foundation stone for constantly enriching, improving and expanding the functions of the system

10. Considerate service: bug report, timely and considerate service, let you worry free

sincerely, you are welcome to keep in touch with us! The free development version of easy to control configuration software is waiting for you

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