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St. Paul's ultra-low temperature valve successfully entered the world's first DMTO

on December 24, 2014, the world's first dmto-ii industrial demonstration device led by China St. Paul's Valve Co., Ltd. was successfully started. China shengbolai has developed and produced 80% of the ultra-low temperature valves in the device, and won 70% of the ultra-low temperature valve market share in the Chinese market

on December 24, 2014, the world's first dmto-ii industrial demonstration device, led by China Saint Bley Valve Co., Ltd., has been successfully put into operation since then. China shengbolai has developed and produced 80% of the ultra-low temperature valves in the device, and won 70% of the ultra-low temperature valve market share in the Chinese market

the unit is one of the core production units of the 1.8 million ton methanol and 700000 ton/year coal to olefin project of Shaanxi Pucheng clean energy Chemical Co., Ltd. and has been proved by the company's research results. Compared with the first generation DMTO technology, the olefin yield of dmto-ii technology is further improved, the methanol consumption per ton of olefins can be reduced by more than 10%, the energy consumption is low, the production cost is significantly reduced, and the technology is at the international leading level

China shengbolai, which has more than 10 years of valve research and development experience, has provided ultra-low temperature valves such as low-temperature gate valves, low-temperature stop valves and low-temperature axial-flow check valves for this device, accounting for 80% of the total number of ultra-low temperature valves in this device. Among them, the axial-flow check valve is a patented product of St. BORAY in China on May 7, becoming a leader in replacing imported ultra-low temperature valves, and has been exported to many countries and regions in the international market

it is understood that ultra-low temperature valve products can be widely used in the production, transportation and storage of liquefied gases such as oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen, especially liquefied natural gas. During transportation, natural gas needs to be below minus 165 ℃ to become liquid, which requires very high quality of ultra-low temperature valve products. In the project, this batch of valves produced by China Saint Bleus effectively reduced the time cost and maintenance cost of traditional ultra-low temperature valves, and provided quality and service guarantee for the quality of such products. The project lasted 19 months from commencement to production, creating a new record for DMTO project construction

zhuoguichao, chairman of China shengbolai Valve Co., Ltd., introduced that in the project, 80% of the ultra-low temperature valve quota won China shengbolai 70% of the ultra-low temperature valve market sales share of the device in the Chinese market, opening a new sales channel for the company. At the same time, the successful operation of the unit marks a major milestone in the industrial promotion and application of the new generation methanol to olefin technology with independent intellectual property rights in China. The smooth start-up of the project further determines the leading position and leading role of China Saint Bley as a professional supplier of ultra-low temperature valves in the country

as one of the largest professional R & D and manufacturers of ball valves, special valves and ultra-low temperature valves in China, China Saint Bleus focuses on the R & D and manufacturing of ultra-low temperature valves with independent intellectual property rights, and has the world's largest pressure and caliber full-automatic test device. At the same time, the company has gathered more than 20 high-end valve technology R & D talents at home and abroad, established the largest valve technology research center in Shanghai, gathered first-class experts and engineers in the international valve industry, and introduced world-class research equipment for continuous research and development of new technologies and products

attaching importance to technological innovation is the secret of continuous technological breakthroughs of China Saint Bleus. Because the company has focused on the research and development of ultra-low temperature valves for many years, its related technologies are ahead of the domestic industry, and it has a number of core technologies with independent intellectual property rights, reaching the domestic leading level. At present, when the safety valve is not properly regulated, guoshengbolai is the main drafting unit of 7 national JB standards for ultra-low temperature valves and test devices, and has become the leader of China's ultra-low temperature valve manufacturing industry

in the past year, the company has participated in many projects with market pioneering significance, obtained many large orders, and successfully expanded the domestic market edge of China shengbolai, such as providing ultra-low temperature ball valves for LNG terminals such as PetroChina Jiangsu and Tangshan, and providing ultra-low temperature axial flow check valves for the world's largest liquefaction plant located in Huanggang, Hubei. At the same time, last year, China Saint Bley also participated in the world's first 1million ton DMTO plant built in high-altitude areas, committed to solving the key engineering and technical problems of coal to olefins in high-altitude areas

zhuoguichao said that China shengbolai will, as always, give full play to the advantages of the drafting unit of industrial standards, strengthen scientific and technological innovation, standardize industrial product standards, and make the ultra-low temperature valve industry develop faster and better

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