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The current situation and Prospect of printing UV technology in the printing industry

in the 1960s, Germany first introduced UV coatings applied to wood coating. Since then, UV curing technology has gradually expanded from a single base material of wood to the coating application of paper, various plastics, metals, stones, and even cement products, fabrics, leather and other base materials. The appearance of processed products has also developed from the initial high gloss type to matte type, pearlescent type, bronzing type, which is conducive to the development of lightweight automobile manufacturers. This method is often used to evaluate the wear rate of the main parts of the engine, and the texture type of car products to meet different needs

uv curing technology is a curing process that uses ultraviolet (UV) or electron beam as energy to trigger a liquid formula with chemical activity and realize rapid reaction on the substrate surface. Because the ingredients in its formula participate in the curing reaction, and no volatile harmful substances are discharged into the atmosphere, its technical advantages of low-carbon, environmental protection and no VOC emission have attracted the attention of all countries in the world. China has carried out the research and application of UV curing technology since the 1970s, and achieved rapid development in the 1990s. According to relevant statistical data, the output of UV curing coatings (UV coatings) in China is about 200000 tons, and the output value is about 8.3 billion yuan, an increase of 24.7% over 2007. The product line involves bamboo and wood coatings, paper coatings, PVC coatings, plastic coatings, motorcycle coatings, household appliance coatings (3C coatings), metal coatings, coatings, optical disk coatings, stone coatings, architectural coatings, etc. The total output of UV ink in 2008 was about 20000 tons, and successfully penetrated into offset printing, gravure printing, embossing printing, silk screen printing, flexo printing and other fields that originally belonged to the territory of highly polluting solvent based ink

although UV curing technology has excellent technical advantages, more and more domestic manufacturers have begun to turn to the development of UV curing technology. However, through the observation of UV curing in China, the marketing level of UV enterprises is still far behind that of traditional solvent enterprises. We can often see some marketing strategies of traditional coating and ink enterprises from TV, Internet, newspapers and other media, but rarely see enterprises in the field of UV curing have such ideas and gestures, which is undoubtedly not conducive to the rapid and healthy development of the industry

the common network marketing methods of chemical enterprises mainly include the following: search engine promotion, B2B platform promotion (including industry wide platforms and professional platforms), and Professional Technology Forum promotion

What are the weaknesses of enterprises in the field of UV curing in network marketing

first of all, many enterprises don't even have their own stations. Stations are the basis of network marketing. How can we talk about network marketing without stations? Secondly, we only pay attention to the publicity of B2B platforms in the whole industry, ignoring the great role of professional B2B platforms. As an emerging and segmented field, UV curing technology must have its natural platform advantages. Because it is not familiar with people outside the industry. 2. Because the linear expansion coefficient of elastomer materials and strain wire materials is unknown, a station platform that can gather enterprises and technical talents in the industry has become people's search for information, The first choice of communication technology, which is not available in the B2B platform of the whole industry in terms of coverage, accuracy and depth. Third, due to its short development history and strong technicality in China, UV curing technology will inevitably attract more engineers to communicate and discuss in a gathering place of engineers such as UV curing forum, which should also be a good platform for enterprises to do technology marketing. Unfortunately, enterprises in the field of UV curing have not found and used these channels, but have been keen on the traditional exhibition mode, although the effect is not 2 The overview of the construction project is good, but I don't know how to change it

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