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Saishi group chose pcvue products to set future standards for its plants

saishi group and its TREDI subsidiaries chose pcvue products of arc computing technology to set future standards for its plants, including household and industrial waste incineration plants, and biogas power plants. Since it was first put into use in 2005, so far, saishi group and its TREDI subsidiary have built 16 factories and workshops, and more than 500000 object variables have been processed with pcvue, and have been tested in the application process

saishi environmental company is a top expert in the treatment and storage of all kinds of waste (except radioactive waste). Regardless of whether it comes from industrial management departments or local authorities, saishi environmental company is the largest participant in the treatment and storage of all kinds of waste in France. The group has more than 20 processing stations in France

the original location of the product, placing most of the activities collected from the downstream in the most needed technology industry center. TREDI is a subsidiary that specializes in the treatment of hazardous industrial waste. The range of raw material processing is huge, covering any untreated waste similar to household waste

a control planning team of saishi environment has been committed to developing a general object library that integrates more advanced design concepts and manufacturing technology into the research and development of experimental machine fixtures since 2003, and can introduce appropriate bioengineering and control principles. The group has decided to supervise the development of the selection control system in order to ensure that the products are standardized and efficient as much as possible, so that the products can be quickly and consistently implemented in other factories of the group. For some tasks, logs and reports that have been centralized, the control application can be easily combined in a single physical location

The solution of pcvue is the industrial land first installed in salaise Sonny rouble (Iser Province, France) in 2005. This is the largest heat treatment and energy recovery center of saishi group: it processes about 250000 tons of waste every year, including hazardous waste (HW), non hazardous industrial waste (nhiw), household waste and infectious medical institutions. This is the first time that it has been deployed in a device containing water treatment. At present, the primary task is to determine the standards of objects and develop a professional library with complete pcvue and logic controllers. This decision was made through ofs based communication

during that time, we examined what is the most suitable for the market. The most advantage of pcvue is that it is a complete solution that does not need to constantly purchase new modules. Therefore, we have found a decisive factor to plan for the long-term nature of the product. Mr. thurian, the industrial information technology manager of saishi group, said

pcvue then introduced devices 1,2,3 increasingly at salaise. We start a completely transformed salaise 1 device with its two rotary furnaces: here, pcvue supervises all processing functions and common tasks, that is, about 30000 variables will be monitored. Then, the partially modified salaise 2 device is connected to a new waste injection system, allowing it to operate in a closed mode; This transformation follows the waste disposal contract signed by the illegal dumping of goods in Probo koala, Ivory Coast and the storage of the values of each sensor obtained from the single chip microcomputer. Finally, salaise 3 runs at the control system that is currently being replaced. Rockwell's process logic PLCs are replaced by Telemecanique PLCs under unity and pcvue (2 I/O servers and 5 clients)

Mr. thurian added: compared with other solutions in the market, we are particularly satisfied with the organization of object-oriented databases. When the object is created, it builds a good development environment, and people can easily find the required project PLCs to control. In the past, to manage a monitoring variable, you had to name it and create a task list; Now we can even work in PLC without any names and variables. The exchange form can be automatically created through OPC. The graphic function also has great value and is easy to realize. It is easy to switch between running time and development mode. We can then change or add new functions to a working factory. Finally, I also want to say that we have experienced a high-level pcvue team and services

pcvue is also widely used in other products of saishi group to monitor renewable energy generated in biogas obtained by power plants from household waste storage centers. Their drainage and pumping networks collect biogas produced by the decomposition of waste, which is largely composed of methane. Biogas can then be introduced into turbines to generate electricity

pcvue is installed in the drimm storage center near Toulouse (Haut Garonne, France). More recently, it has been installed in Chang factory outside Laval (Mayne, France): a boiler uses the burning gas from the turbine to produce steam. In Chang, the steam is used to dry the feed in agricultural applications. Pcvue is also installed at the SVO location in Vienne province and at the opal location in the Strait of northern Calais (France)

details of flexural strength test of concrete blocks salaise control center with pcvue structure diagram

pcvue structure diagram controlled by biogas power plant

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