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Saikang has signed a new cooperation agreement with the American Association of label and trademark manufacturers (TLMI), which will provide customers with a free TLMI membership for 3300/3000 digital printers. The automobile lightweight market development of Songzhong aluminum has experienced three stages, from the initial material supply, to the extension of the development direction of aluminum utilization technology, and then its use of liver function is constantly expanding to the construction of body structure design ability. Frank Sablone, President of TLMI company, commented that our task is to provide members with the tools and resources needed for business development. By cooperating with Saikang, we can let more people share our knowledge and contribute to enhancing the overall strength of the industry

Saikang and TLMI will provide services to tag, trademark and packaging enterprises to help them achieve development in a volatile economic environment. This will provide a series of valuable assets for new customers of Saikang 3300/3000 digital printing machine. As a member of TLMI, enterprises can obtain TLMI's financial ratio and benchmarking analysis report, comparative analysis, quarterly trend report and internal communication materials of the association. In addition, members of paper processing enterprises will also be invited to participate in the annual paper processing conference of TLMI

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