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"Saint talent" is the highest level of entrepreneurs

Abstract: for the decision-making level of the company, wisdom is more important than intelligence; Do you want to be a wise fool or a wise fool

"Saint talent" is the highest realm of entrepreneurs; A person who has the measure and mind of giving way to profits, fame, position, tolerance, tolerance and tolerance for differences, and who is wise as a fool and wise as a valley, but is not good at doing specific things is called a "Saint"; He is also the person who commands many entrepreneurs

the first function of the "commander" is to command the "general", not the leader. The first function of the "general" is to command the soldiers. The positioning of the two must be accurate, and they must not play vague roles, let alone exchange roles

entrepreneurs should be enterprise strategists, whose major responsibility is to carry out enterprise strategic management and play a strategic role. Different from general managers, they also determine the structure of the pulling machine. They are not engaged in specific management business, execute orders or carry out specific supervision, but mainly engaged in the work of the following responsibilities:

first, entrepreneurial responsibilities

1 Strategic management, grasp and solve the main contradiction in the future development strategy of enterprises

formulating and implementing enterprise development strategy is one of the most important responsibilities of entrepreneurs. It occupies most of the time of entrepreneurs, and is also an important indicator to assess their work competence

among the many factors that affect the development strategy of the enterprise, only one or two of them play a decisive role. If these two factors are completely solved, the enterprise will have a qualitative change and rise to a new height, but at the same time, some new problems will appear, which will further affect the development of the enterprise

the process of enterprise growth is a process of finding and solving these decisive problems. According to its own advantageous resources, market environment, demand, future industry trend and competitive situation, through analysis, comparison and evaluation, the general strategic plan for the development of the enterprise is selected, and the development direction and operation scope of the enterprise are defined; Operation mode; Optimize the allocation of resources; The ways and means of cultivating and utilizing core competitiveness. Among them, the proposal and formulation of the plan are centered on the cultivation and utilization of the core competitiveness of enterprises. Merrill Lynch's business motto is: "what should the CEO do? Based on previous success, the overall strength of China's new material industry will leap to the forefront of the world and forge ahead. In this process, you should maintain and carry forward the company's existing core values."

the next step is the implementation of the strategy:

first of all, concretize the strategic plan, that is, formulate a strategic implementation plan, decompose the overall station goal into several strategic sub goals, and allocate strategic resources to various business units and relevant functional departments accordingly, so as to provide resource guarantee for the implementation of the strategy

secondly, we should design and establish an organizational system suitable for the overall strategy of the enterprise and the sub strategies of building bulk commodity storage, distribution and trading bases, that is, we should determine the organizational structure to realize the strategy, clarify the division of responsibilities, the degree of centralization and decentralization, and the degree of management organization flexibility

finally determine the basic coordination and control system, and choose the correct control, reward and punishment means, etc

2. The selection and promotion will select talents, establish an effective talent selection and training system, interview key people in person, and focus on training, because the investment in people is the most effective investment

the reason why the selection of "handsome and general" is put in the first place in the various responsibilities of entrepreneurs is that among the various business elements of enterprises, people are the most active factor and play the largest role, which is also the most important work of entrepreneurs. Multinational group bosses generally spend a considerable proportion of the year on talent selection and training

what entrepreneurs do is to find more capable subordinates to work for the enterprise, so as to cultivate them into first-class entrepreneurs and industry stars, give them a stage to display their talents, and encourage them to do their best to work. Engraved on Carnegie's tombstone are these lines:

a person is buried here

his best ability is to organize those who are better than himself

into the management organization he serves

3. It is a compulsory course for entrepreneurs to coordinate the relationships between enterprises and external important departments and organizations to seek the best living environment for enterprises and coordinate the relationships between various external resources of enterprises. Such as coordinating upstream and downstream and affiliated enterprises; Government; Financial sector; Various promotion associations and social organizations; Relationship between scientific research institutes, etc

second, "Saint talent" is the highest level of entrepreneurs

for the decision-making level of the company, wisdom is more important than intelligence. Wise people leave the big truth to themselves and the small truth to others

entrepreneurs are experts in business and management. Like scientists, artists and militarists, they are a social class. They take the establishment and management of enterprises as their career and career. At present, many of the leaders of private enterprises and state-owned enterprises do not meet the requirements of entrepreneurs

entrepreneurs are a group of people who are very innovative, dare to take risks, dare to destroy and establish. This spirit of them can't be learned in any school, is born and cultivated, and is the main driving force for the development of enterprises. This creative spirit is an important force to promote social progress, and is the highest way of thinking of mankind. This spirit is reflected in the entrepreneurship and development of enterprises. No matter which country or nationality, there are dark horses killed by enterprise winners, all of which are in

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