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Saint Gobain launched laboratory test tubes without DEHP plasticizer

Saint Gobain high function plastic company became the first manufacturer to launch bio based laboratory supplies without air filled flexible packaging film phthalate (DEHP plasticizer), which is usually called bubble film

Saint Gobain high function plastics is located in Paris, and its headquarters is located in Aurora, Ohio, USA. The company said that DEHP plasticizer was no longer added to its Tygon flexible pipe

the new generation of Tygon flexible pipe will use bio based plasticizer, and the product adopts a new formula, which can be biodegradable. Compared with the old formula, the flexible pipe produced with the new formula has a longer service life

the new generation tygons3 models include ordinary laboratory test tubes and flexible tubes with long service life. The original super hose of the company has also been replaced by a new type of test tube without DEHP, which is flexible and hopes to continue and further develop the strategic partnership between the two countries

"the new generation of test tubes has the characteristics of safety, flexibility and sustainability. Saint Gobain's commitment to customers is to help customers meet the requirements of safety and environmental protection without sacrificing product performance. The new generation of test tubes well explains this." Katia may, the company's marketing manager, said in a statement

according to may, the new products are produced in three regions: Akron, Ohio, USA, Charny, France and Shanghai, China, and will be sold worldwide

Shengge hydraulic loading class high-function plastic has delineated the fund-raising project in 15 Xinxiang Chemical fiber projects around the world, with a total of 4400 employees in countries with expanded differentiated spandex fiber projects, and six extrusion plants in North America. Its parent company, Saint Gobain group, had sales of $55.5 billion in 2012

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