Latest quotation of domestic PE market on July 6,

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On July 6th, 2015, the latest quotation summary of domestic PE market

Guangzhou PE market was consolidated in a narrow range, with strong market wait-and-see sentiment, light inquiry, and strong resistance to firm offer transaction; The quotation of PE market in Shenyang was stable, with little change compared with last weekend, and the overall shipment situation was general; How stable the petrochemical price is, how stable the quotation in Shanghai PE market is, the market wait-and-see is used for low precision, and the delivery of goods is blocked; Chongqing PE market fell narrowly, market buying was cautious, and the transaction was light at the end of October; The demand of PE market in Xinjiang is still weak, and the transaction is more simple; Yanshan PE market quotation is sorted out, the range is not large, the market is on the sidelines, and the transaction situation is general; Disadvantages of Linyi: the PE market, which needs regular lubricating oil, has been consolidated in a narrow range, and some have fallen slightly. Merchants said that the shipment pressure was mainly on the sidelines at the beginning of the week

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